Trainings and Seminars

Exemplary contents of trainings and seminars:

  • Some basics of water chemistry
  • Principles of common IEX-resin types
  • Operation and process technology of demin-plants
  • Mixed bed-technology
  • Adsorption of organic substances; TOC-problems in boiler feed water
  • Specialties of silicic acid
  • Plant analysis, troubleshooting
  • Plant calculation, cost optimization
  • Resin examinations
  • Waste water treatment, selective resins
  • Special processes in the metal surface treatment

The contents can be tailored to fit your needs. The table provides information on the usually requested topics. If your issues aren’t yet contained, please feel free to contact me. In the many years of development work and trainings, of course a lot of issues occurred, that are not mentioned here.

Your advantage is that the subjects cover a wide range from the chemistry of solutions and functional groups over process engineering needs to technical implementation and PCT design of the systems.

My goal is that at the end you understand, why things are as they are observed.

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