Analysis and optimization of your IEX-plant

  • Assessment and analysis of your existing IEX-plant
  • Verification calculations
  • Measurements on-site, troubleshooting
  • Recommendations for improvements and cost savings

Unfortunately it happens occasionally: The DI system is limping. Then much money is wasted when often unnecessary double regenerations or regenerant amount elevations are applied.

My objective is the identification of the causes for the minor performance as doubtless as possible and the demonstration of ways to fix it.

My methods range from measurements at the current system, recalculation and comparison of currently achieved with as-new performance, basing on resin examinations up to action to remedy together with you or our related companies.

Often the discussions also extend far beyond the actual IEX system into the adjacent steps and their optimization. Sometimes these are in fact the root causes for the poor performance of the IEX system.

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