Concept and Engineering

  • Preparation of specifications for IEX-plants
  • PCT-concept
  • Technical appendix for the tender

Are you planning a new or renovated IEX-system and wish to describe your idea as precisely as possible to the bidders? This decision is worth hard cash. However, you often have no time for it.

Objective of my assistance is firstly the optimal concept of the DI-plant along with you. Optimal means minimal operating costs and good maintainability without unnecessary investment in oversizing or unimportant details.

The method is the development of specifications in close cooperation with you. My job is besides the editorial work of the complete document the elaboration of the technical details and calculations on design and cost.

Upon request, I specify also the PCT concept and control strategy of the system, accompanied by close cooperation with the later manufacturing company.

The document created is then used as technical annex to the tender. For the negotiation of tenders a detailed knowledge of the technology is essential again and I would be happy to be at your assistance.

With FAT and commissioning assistance my participation in the basic engineering phase usually ends.

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